Included in your stay is a full breakfast each morning from 8AM - 10AM. We have two dining rooms set up with individual seating or seating for four, for couples traveling together. In season we have nice outside tables and chairs to enjoy eating your breakfast on our ocean view porch.

Over the years the breakfast has evolved, so if you have not stayed in a while you are in for a treat. For multiple night stays, to keep it interesting, we change it up a little each day of the week. To enhance on the casualness of our inn we have no formal time a guest needs to attend breakfast therefore we set it out buffet style during the two hour span enabling you to choose what time you would like and in the portions that you want. We just keep cooking until everyone is full and happy. 

A sample of a breakfast would be a nice variety of fresh cut fruit, cereals, and yogurt. Hot main dishes rotate each day, Cinnamon french toast with home made toppings to choose from, our famous scrambled eggs with home made toppings such as our special sauces, spinach and feta, vegetables, you may also find wild Maine blueberry pancakes, and waffles with toppings.

Other chafing dishes may contain freshly shredded spiced and grilled hash browns, sautéed vegetables for over the hash browns, another chafing dish will contain two choices of breakfast meat, examples are thick cut bacon, turkey sausage, chicken sausage, apple chicken sausage, Italian chicken sausage, pork sausage, Canadian bacon, sausage patties, Angus shaved steak, Angus corn beef hash.